Did you know

Whatever your trading style in any ways on your mindset, or ..
no matter you are a beginner or experienced trader,
— then for sure you will always need this. — Someday you will realize that 🙂

Data structure in MT4.

Historical data displayed in charts or data to be read by indicators and robots, it must be understood that historical data is separated based on the installation folder and on each account number.

* even in the same broker, the data is still separated by account number.

Therefore, before using A2SR-based techniques and its robot,
— in the following conditions we must prepare complete historical data,
— or at least select ‘Refresh’ on chart for all time frames :

  1. When installing a new MT4 on any devices,
  2. When using a new trading account,
  3. – or the old trading account used in the new MT4 installation.